ESL (English as Second Language)

ESL (English as Second Language)

Literacy Ministry


One of MUMC newest ministries, Literacy Ministry, is seeking volunteers.   If you can read this you probably can't believe that there are those adults in our community who have reading skills too low to obtain a job that pays enough to support his/her family.  But it is true.  There are adults who, for whatever reason, have not learned to read.  In addition we have an influx of non-English speaking adults in our community who want to learn to speak, read and write English to help with homework, get a job, and prepare meals with foods and recipes they can read.


MUMC's Literacy Development Ministry is allied with Literacy Volunteers of America-Montgomery County (LVA), a non-profit organization, to train prospective tutors.  


For information about this ministry or how you may become involved, please contact Linda Ricketts, Literacy Development Chairman.

Phone:  936-537-0063