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MUMC operates as an agency of the Montgomery County Food Bank and as such operates within the guidelines set forth by the county food bank.  The church provides a Food Pantry Facility that houses food collection, storage, and distribution equipment. In addition, there is a very large group of member and non-member volunteers who provide food distribution services to qualified needy individuals in the community.  Clients served must have residency in Montgomery and/or have children registered in MISD.  Food for the MUMC Food Pantry is purchased from the Montgomery Food Bank from funds either in the church line-item budget or donations to the dedicated fund (most is funded by donations and very little church funds are ever used). 

The Food Pantry is open for distribution the 2nd and 4th Mondays as well as the Saturdays just prior. The Pantry hours are 9:30-11:00am on Mondays and 9:00-10:30am on Saturdays. (The Saturday pantry time is designed to meet the needs of those who cannot come on the Monday) On the Thursdays just prior the pantry operates to receive and store incoming food supplies as wells as prepare the bags for future distribution.
In 2010, 3120 volunteer hours were given.   A lot of hard work is put into this project but a lot of fellowship is obtained, also. They have served between 120 and 150 families (approximately 800 persons) twice a month each month with more than 5628 bags of food given out.

Contact Don or Pat Earnest for more general information or to become involved.  For specific information regarding involvement in the Monday distribution contact Don or Pat Earnest.   For specific information regarding involvement in the Saturday distribution contact John or Jacque McCall.