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Undy Sunday Project
One of the special projects for needy children has been to supply the Children's Clothes Closet with new underwear, socks, T-shirts, etc. Mike Landes who leads this has titled this project Undy Sunday. Next time you shop, add a small purchase for the next Undy Sunday. July's Undy  Sunday has been successful thanks to all of the contributions gathered by Mike. Be prepared to help again.

VBS Support
Vacation Bible school is an enormous project led by Kristy  Laborde each July. To support VBS, donations from MMM have allowed 10 children to attend with these scholarships. This attendance increased from 6 to 10 children.  Also in support of VBS, our woodworking elves (Tom Sayre, Gene Hastings and Ray Benson) have been busy making wooden crosses for the VBS volunteers and attendees.

Youth Scholarships
We provided scholarships for 2 youth sent to District Camp.

Men's Emmaus Walk
Men's Emmaus Walk #74. If you would like further information on the next Men's Emmaus Walk, ask Gene Hastings, Nellis Dye, Bob Emison or someone else wearing the rainbow lanyard on the first Sunday of each month. 

Other Projects:
  • Maintenance: a new tire on the Family Promise trailer is on the schedule. This trailer is used to haul beds to the next church for this function. Tom Sayre is to see to this; thanks Tom.
  • Tom Sayre is also working to supply the Food Pantry new dollies. Go Tom go. He loves making sawdust…
  • While new apartments are being built next door, we have been tasked with a reception for the workers. Susan Levine will be our spokeswoman. Thank you, Susan.
  • For years the Methodist Church had a function called Room to Grow. This is now renamed From the Ground Up and is to underwrite building new Methodist churches. MMM have made a donation to this endeavor.
  • Men's Emmaus Walk #76 starting on September 26th and going through that weekend.
  • Men's Bible Study to be held in the morning, will be led by Bob Emison, Mark Johnson, and David Reitz. Right now it is scheduled for Tuesdays. Stay tuned for updates on this next month.
  • J. Elsworth Kalas will be speaking at our church on September 29th. He is a notable Methodist speaker and we will treat him to a chili dinner at 5:00pm.