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Updated 10/09


A marriage ceremony in the church is a worship service and as such it is one of the most sacred rites ministers perform in the church.  In order for you to have a sacred and dignified wedding ceremony, you are urged to make thorough preparations.  Our pastor and church with the staff desire to render every possible service at this time so that your wedding will be a very memorable experience.  For this reason, we call your attention to the following policies and procedures regarding the use of MUMC for weddings.  You as the couple are our client and no other member of your families.  To avoid any confusion, please ensure all communications come directly from you.

Making the Reservation

A reservation will be confirmed only when the pastor of MUMC has agreed to officiate the wedding or approve the minister and the security deposit has been paid.  Reservations will be made on a “first come, first serve” basis and should be listed on the church calendar as early as possible.  The hour of the wedding and rehearsal will be determined when the reservation is made.  No wedding will be scheduled on Sundays or during Holy Week.  We also do not schedule weddings or rehearsals on the following holidays:

Christmas Day  (or the week after)
New Year’s Day
Ash Wednesday
Labor Day
July 4th
Thanksgiving Day

Pre-Wedding Counseling

The pastor will perform the wedding ceremony only after four one-hour marital counseling sessions with the bride and groom.  It is desirable that these counseling sessions be completed at least 30 days before the ceremony.  The couple should make appointments with the pastor when the reservation for the wedding is made.  The pastor may request additional sessions prior to the wedding.

The Wedding Music

The bride is reminded that she is expected to meet with the pianist/organist prior to rehearsal to make her selections, so that the music may be in keeping with the worship and dignity of the sacred service.  The bride is responsible for securing her own soloist or string quartet if desired.  The church pianist/organist is to be used unless there is a conflict with the date.  Any guest organist must be approved by the church.  The church pianist/organist should be contacted immediately after the reservation is made.  The pianist/organist should be informed of the rehearsal date and time and all music selections.  Any secular music selections must be approved by the pastor.

The Photographer

The photographer may take pictures before or after the ceremony in any part of the building.  However, no pictures are to be taken during the ceremony except non-flash exposures.  The photographer may take a picture of the bridesmaids, flower girl and bride and her father as they start down the aisle and of the bride and groom as they leave the sanctuary.  Use of video cameras may be acceptable with prior approval of the pastor.  There will NOT be any walking around the altar area by the photographer/videographer during the ceremony.  (It is very distracting from what should be a sacred time and these pictures can be recreated after the wedding during the time when final pictures are made.)

The Florist/Decorations
All floral arrangements must be coordinated with the church’s Wedding Consultant.  No nails, tacks, staples, pins or anything that will mark the walls or woodwork may be used.  A protective cover of plastic or other similar material must be used under the Unity candles (only candles permitted) to prevent damage to the furniture or carpet.  In the event wax is spilled, the florist shall remove such wax immediately following the ceremony.  The use of candles is restricted to the chancel area and altar area of the sanctuary.
Decorating should be completed at least 2 hours prior to the ceremony and all decorations and equipment must be removed immediately following the ceremony by either/or the hired florist or family members of the bride and groom.


MUMC offers NO facility for receptions.  For receptions, we recommend that you contact
The Bells of Montgomery at 936-597-7208 or KOA Resort at 936-582-1200.  They both have beautiful facilities.

The Rehearsal

The time for the rehearsal will be set at the time of the first counseling session.  The pastor will help you with the scheduling of the ceremony.  The rehearsal is generally the evening prior to the ceremony.  The rehearsal will begin promptly at the scheduled time!  One hour will be allotted for rehearsal and thus it is necessary for all persons in the wedding party to be on time and ready.  Delay consumes the time of the pastor and others, and adds to the expense of opening the building.  The bride and groom should insist that ALL members of the wedding party, including musicians and ushers, be as prompt for the rehearsal as for the wedding.
Observance of the following rules at the rehearsal is required:
**No rehearsal will be conducted when any member of the wedding party is under the     
    influence of alcohol.
**For the rehearsal and the wedding, all members of the wedding party are expected to
    behave in an appropriate manner discussed by the pastor who officiates.
**The wedding consultants are encouraged to assist with these rules.

Use of Candles In the Wedding

***NO wax candles may be used during the ceremony.  Only the church’s liquid wax candles are permitted along with the Unity Candle with it’s proper covering under it.

The Marriage License

The marriage license must be delivered to the pastor prior to the rehearsal.  The wedding WILL NOT be conducted without it in the pastor’s hand prior to rehearsal.
Thirty days prior to the wedding, please call the church office with the following information:
1.      Who will light the candle/candles?
2.      Who will seat the mothers?
3.      How many family pews will need to be reserved?
4.      Who will be the head usher?
5.      What are the names of all attendants, flower girls, ring bearers, and special seating for family members?
This information MUST be on the pastor’s worksheet before the rehearsal!

General Rules

Tobacco of any kind is not permitted in any area of the church property at any time.  No alcohol may be consumed or distributed on church property.  No gambling (lotteries, raffles, bingo for money, etc.) is permitted on church property.  No drugs and no weapons are allowed on church property.
It is our privilege to assist you, and we truly hope this will be a most memorable occasion for you.  May God bless you as you plan your wedding at Montgomery United Methodist Church and begin your new life together.